GROWTH LIFE Opportunity

Registration Free

Three types of Plan

Silver is the working Plan and Gold , Diamond is Auto Promotional Plan : A) SILVER B) GOLD & C) DIAMOND

First matching 2:1/1:2

Next onwards 1:1 up to Unlimited Depth

Daily 2 session

i.e. 6 pm to 6 am and 6am to 6 pm

Daily 10 Pair capping (5 Pair each session)

Power leg carry forward

Daily Payout by Account Transfer


Each Pair 500 INR Daily capping 5,000


Each Pair 1,000 INR Daily capping 10,000


Each Pair 5,000 INR Daily capping 50,000

Daily income Single ID Maximum : 5000+10,000+50,000 =65,000


As per Govt. rules 5 % TDS & 10% Admin maintenance charges will deducted.

For continuing recharge minimum 3rd Sponsor within 30days

3 direct mandatory

Tail will be flushed

Silver 5 Multiple will deducted toward gold , after 5 Deduction id will Upgrade to Gold it will give again and again Income

Gold only 3, 6, 9 ,12 & 15 will deducted for Promotion to Diamond


Self purchase 10% Condition Reward
1 Level 10%
2 Level 10%
3 Level 10%
4 Level 1 lac. Bv busness distribute equel 20% all over company turn over busness in all fourth club member smart phone or 5000R
5 Level 5 lac. Bv busness usness distribute equal 15% in all fifth club member from all company turnover laptop or 20000Rs.
6 Level 25lac. Bv busness distribute equal 10% in all sixth club member from all company turnover bike or 40000Rs.
7 Level 1 crore bv busness distribut equal 5% in all saventh club member from all company turnover car or 2 lac.